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Our pets experience pain. Sometimes it is obvious when our pets are in pain and sometimes(ofen) it isn’t. There are many ways to help our pets with their pain.  The aim of chosing to manage your pet’s pain is to improve the quality of life for your animal companion and fury friend.
The Pet Pain Hospital, headed by Dr Matthew Casey, wishes to help you identify if your pet is in pain and then create an individualised plan to reduce the pain.  Dr Casey has been a member of the International Veterinary Pain Management Association for several years.  His recent continuing education has been focused on the advancements and curent best practice treatments to alleviate pain for our pets.  This information changes constantly and the Pet Pain Hospital is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of pain control in veterinary care.  The treatments available include medication, life style changes, advice regards arthritis, rehabilition following surgery or injuries. Ask us about cutting edge pain management using MLS Laser Therapy
Recent pain management report:

1. Revised guidelines. For the first time since 2007, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) recently issued new guidelines for treating cats’ and dogs’ pain. The revisions include new research and insight on integrated pain management that doesn’t depend on just analgesic drugs.

2. Alternative treatments. Laser therapy is increasing in popularity as a way to manage pain associated with osteoarthritis and wounds, Huntingford says. Acupuncture and rehabilitation therapy are also increasingly gathering steam as effective strategies.

3. New drugs. Aratana is planning to release a drug called Grapiprant in 2016, and Huntingford says this agent will “probably revolutionize pain medicine for arthritis as we know it.” The molecule, AT-001, is an EP4 blocker targeted at osteoarthritis pain that produces few side effects, according to Huntingford.

4. Nutritional options. A nutraceutical for humans, Theracurmin, is being reformulated for canines. It’s a derivative of curcumin, which has a bioavailability of less than 1 percent in dogs, but Theracurmin may be up to 10 percent bioavailable, “which is a great thing for our patients,” Huntingford says. It is not available yet.

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