Desexing Procedure

When your pet undergoes its desexing procedure with us you can be confident of the highest quality care.

You can be confident because we have received the highest accreditation, “Hospital of Excellence” by the ASAVA(Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association).

This qualification has required us to achieve a level of excellence that has only be awarded to 3 other veterinary hospitals in all of New South Wales.

We offer the highest standards of anaesthesia, patient monitoring and pain management. Our strong emphasis on exceptional pain management makes us stand out from surrounding vet hospitals. We want you to know what we do to give your pet exceptional care.

Standard pain management for desexing procedures involves pre surgical medications that offer both sedation and pain relief.

This medication allows your pet to become relaxed prior to the procedure. We know that relaxed pets have a more comfortable experience while at the hospital. The importance of pain relief given prior to the surgical procedure allows the body to not respond as strongly to the surgical stimulus. This pre surgical medication also allows us to use less medication to maintain general anaesthesia during the procedure. Keeping the general anaesthesia medications at a minimum is a component of safer anaesthesia protocols. Further pain control is offered through the use of local anaesthesia surgical site block injections, CRI(continuous rate infusions) of medication delivered throughout the procedure via the IV(intravenous fluids) and NSAIDs(nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) given as an injection. Your pet also receives MLT(medical laser therapy) which enhances wound healing and also offers pain relief. When your pet is discharged from the hospital following the surgical procedure there is further pain medication given to take at home, because the pain of the surgical procedure often persists for several days afterwards.

Safety is paramount. Again, you can be assured that your pet will receive exceptional surgical and anaesthesia care. Our hospital has invested in the highest quality anaesthesia monitoring equipment available and our dedicated nursing staff are all highly trained in anaesthesia monitoring. Our equipment provides us with crucial information on how your pet is experiencing the procedure. This information allows us to make rapid and timely decisions if there is a problem. This monitoring consists of a nurse dedicated to monitoring the continuous ECG(electrocardiogram), PO2(pulse oximetry), BP(blood pressure), patient core temperature, ETCO2(end tidal Carbon Dioxide), Respiratory Rate and Pulse rate. That’s alot! Rest assured that all of this gives your pet exceptional safety.

Additional care that we provide to enhance safety involves IV fluids as standard for all general anaesthesia procedures. This provides support to the cardiovascular system and also provides your pet optimum hydration. Pets recover more comfortably when they receive IV fluids.

We are pleased that you have chosen our hospital because we are dedicated to exceptional pet health care.

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