Nov 05 2016

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Hello! Who we are is where we come from and where we are heading. So, let’s get to know about the history of our hospitals at Greenway Drive and Kingscliff. History can be boring so I’ll keep it brief.

Greenway Drive Veterinary Hospital has been at the current location 7/12 Greenway Drive, Tweed Heads South for about 25 years! Kingscliff Veterinary Hospital has had 2 locations in its past. It used to be closer to the roundabout at Pearl St and Turnock Street, Kingscliff in a house. It then relocated to its current position at 48 Wommin Bay Road, Chinderah(it used to be a childcare center=one of our nurses actually went to the childcare when she was a tot!). Kingscliff Vets has been serving the Kingscliff and surrounding community for closer to 30+ years! These two veterinary care facilities have been a bedrock of family focused pet care in this area.

The legacy of these hospitals has been cultivated over this time to reflect you, the locals. We have developed a symbiosis of needs and expectations over a long time. We know each other. Many of the nurses and vets may not be the same, many are, but what has not changed is the culture of our hospitals. Culture takes time to mature.

Over the last 15 years much has changed in veterinary medicine and in the local area. The area has grown! Veterinary services have grown. Veterinary care has grown up and expanded services and treatments that improve the quality of care for our pets. That’s a good thing! What has also happened is that big business has recognised that pet owners spend a lot of money on their pets. They have tapped into a “market”. Big companies see you as a market. Local veterinary hospitals see you as part of a relationship. There is a fundamental difference between these points of view and will be the subject the winds in and out of this blog as it continues.

Well, enough for now and I hope you all have a great weekend with your pets…and because I hope they are all healthy, I hope I DON’T see you at one of our hospitals and instead see you out walking dogs at the beach or stopping me in the local streets and cafes to tell me a funny story about what your pet has done lately! Cheers Dr Matt

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